September 28, 2014

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Sixteen Sunday after Pentecost

 Venerable Chariton, the Confessor, Abbot of Palestine, Prophet Baruch; Venerable Neophytos and Auxentios of Cyprus; Martyr Heliodoros and companions in Pisidia; Martyr Wenceslaus, prince of the Czechs.

 Visitors, you are always welcome at All Saints.

 Let us pray to the Lord: “For the suffering Christians of Syria, Palestine, Iraq, & all of the Middle East, and for those suffering in the Ukraine.”

Nourishment of the Soul:  Solomon writes these final words in Ecclesiastes 12:13-14: “Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter: Fear God and keep His commandments, for this is the whole duty of man. For God will bring every work into judgment, including every secret thing, whether it is good or whether it is evil.”

 Communion: We invite you to receive the Holy Eucharist if you are an Orthodox Christian who has prepared yourself through fasting, prayer, and recent confession.  If you are not Orthodox, or are Orthodox but have not prepared, we invite you to receive a piece of the blessed bread in the wooden bowls held by the altar servers at the front of the church.

Communion Line: The choir goes first in both lines so members may continue ministering through music during communion. Little Lambs Sunday School follows. The ushers then assist each row from front to back.  Those in the overflow behind the choir may follow adjacent rows.

Sunday School for those in Grades One through 12 meets after Divine Liturgy.

              Fr. Daniel Byantoro will be  our guest speaker twice this week.

  • His topic Wednesday at All Saints is “From Islam to Orthodoxy.”
  • Thursday, OCF at IMU, the topic is “Mission Indonesia.”

 The Myrrh Bearers meet at Noon today in the nave.


 Wednesday, October 1:  Daily Vespers at 6:00; Orthodoxy 101 with Fr. Daniel Byantoro – 7:00-9:00

Thursday, October 2: OCF at IMU – Dogwood Room at 8pm with Fr. Daniel Byantoro of Indonesia – All are invited.

Saturday, October 4: Great Vespers at 5:00

Sunday, October 5: Matins at 8:50; Divine Liturgy at 10:00 – Festival Meeting at noon.


 Sunday, October 5: Buddy Walk for Down Syndrome – Monroe County Fairgrounds – Fun begins at 1:30; the walk at 3pm; live band, carnival games, activities for the whole family.

  • October 11: Annual Festival – 11:00 to 5:00 – Baked Goods; Greek & Arab foods; Music Groups; Silent Auction; Shrine Tours; Church Tours; Children’s Activities; Hayride.

Happy Birthday: Craig Morfas (28th); Leanne Bissell (3rd); Sharon Kolasinski (3rd)

Memory Eternal: Annamarie; Sarah Najjar (20th); Virginia (18th); Loretta & David Benaderett (7th); Paula Bissell; Steven; Rosie

Prayer List: Kh. Marilyn; Galina McLaws; Kim Adams and Benaderett families; Noah; Emily D; John & Mary Ann’s granddaughter Emma; Frank & Becky; Kim (Geni Gritton’s daughter); Barb;   Shirley; Nancy; Neal; Lyuda; Patricia; Bob R; Geni; Alex; Nicetas; John; Leanne; Metropolitan Paul, Archbishop John; Kh. Loretta; Beth; Lillian; Julie; Roger; Virginia McCallister; Marilyn; Eric; Cheryl; Lori; Pam; Debbie; Natasha; Ioana; Michael & Shelley: Jill Patterson; Gabriel; Mary; Doug; Janet; Kelly; Matushka Raisa; John C; Marty; John; Charles; Fr. John Koen; Archpriests Roman, George & Stephen; Eileen; Mary; Marvin, Alice; Katie; Deborah; Ruth; Steve; Kevin; Romaine; Derek, Claire & Micah; Tim; Preston; Sharon; Sherri; Dianna; Michael and Diane; Aaron; Brent; Jennifer; Brigid; Caleb; Korene; Dennis & Joyce; Ethan; Lena, Dean; Gayle; Thomas; Amy; Heidi; Gene & Connie; Cathi; Kathleen.

Today’s Epistle and Gospel Readings

 Prokeimenon: “The LORD will give strength unto His people.”

Verse: “Bring unto the LORD, ye sons of God; bring unto the LORD glory and honor!” Psalm: 28: 11,1

Epistle: The Reading is from Saint Paul’s Second Epistle to the Corinthians. (6:1-10)

 BRETHREN,  since we are fellow workers, we entreat you also not to receive the grace of God in vain (for He says, “At an acceptable season I hearkened unto thee, and in a day of salvation I helped thee”; behold, now is “the acceptable season”; behold, now is “the day of salvation”), giving no occasion of stumbling in anything, that the ministry is not blamed, but in everything commending ourselves, as ministers of God, in much patience, in afflictions, in necessities, in distresses, in stripes, in imprisonments, in tumults, in labors, in vigils, in fasts, in purity, in knowledge, in long suffering, in kindness, in the Holy Spirit, in love unfeigned, in the word of truth, in the power of God; by the weapons of righteousness on the right hand and on the left, by glory and dishonor, by evil report and good report; as deceivers, and yet true; as unknown, and yet well known; as dying, and, behold, we live; as chastened, and not killed; as sorrowful, yet always rejoicing; as poor, yet making many rich; as having nothing, and yet possessing all things.

             Gospel: The Reading is from the Holy Gospel according to St. Luke. (5:1-11)

             AT THAT TIME, Jesus was standing by the lake of Gennesaret. and He saw two boats by the lake; but the fishermen had gone out of  them and were washing their nets.  Getting into one of the boats, which was Simon’s, Jesus asked him to put out a little from the land.  And He sat down and taught the people from the boat.  And when Jesus had finished speaking, He said to Simon, “Put out into the deep and let down your nets for a catch.”  And Simon answered, “Master, we toiled all night and took nothing!  But at Thy word I will let down the nets.”  And when they had done this, they enclosed a great shoal of fish; and as their nets were breaking, they beckoned to their partners in the other boat to come and help them.  And they came and filled both the boats, so that they began to sink.  But when Simon Peter saw it, he fell down at Jesus’ knees, saying, “Depart from me, for I am a sinful man, O Lord.”  For he was astonished, and all that were with him, at the catch of fish, which they had taken; and so also were James and John, sons of Zebedee, who were partners with Simon. and Jesus said to Simon, “Do not be afraid; henceforth you will be catching men.”  And when they had brought their boats to land, they left everything and followed Him.

Divine Liturgy Variables

Resurrectional Apolytikion in Tone 7

Thou didst shatter death by Thy Cross; Thou didst open paradise to the thief; Thou didst turn the sadness of the ointment-bearing women into joy, And didst bid Thine Apostles proclaim a warning, that Thou hast risen, O Christ, granting to the world the Great Mercy..

Apolytikion of St. Chariton the Confessor in Tone8

The barren wilderness thou dist make fertile with the streams of thy tears; and by thy deep sighing thou hast given fruit through thy struggles a hundred-fold.  Accordingly, thou hast become a star for the universe, sparkling with miracles.  Therefore,  O righteous Father Chariton, intercede with Christ God to save our souls.

(Usual) Kontakion in Tone 2

O undisputed intercessor of Christians, the Mediatrix, who is unrejected by the Creator, Turn not away from the voice of our petitions, though we be sinners. Come to us with aid in time, who cry unto thee in faith, for thou art good.  Hasten to us with intercessions, O Theotokos, who dost ever intercede for those who honor thee.