We’re Here For You

  • A church home away from home
  • Home-cooked meals
  • Feasts and fasts and festivals
  • Helping people in need
  • Taking risks and doing audacious things for Christ
  • A place to hang – no pressure
  • People who listen and really care what you think
  • Holy bread, wine, oil and water
  • Restoring the world as a sacred place
  • Real conversation about issues and topics that concern you
  • Laughter among friends who share your values
  • Communion with God and one another
  • Trees, ponds, woods, paths and shrines where there is stillness
  • People with experiences and skills and time to talk
  • Learning to live an Orthodox Christian life right where we are
  • Folks who will walk alongside through the muck of life
  • A place of deep and abiding joy

Join us for church services, gather at the Webbs for a meal and conversation. For dates & times, see our News & Events page.

Feel free to call, text or email any of us with questions, suggestions, or just to talk

OCF Student Officers: 

Jacob Stemper, President
(219) 789-5177 jstemper@iu.edu

Miriam Fakhoury, Vice-President
(317) 719-1163   mefakhou@iu.edu

Host Parents: Howard & Rhonda Webb
3960 E Fenbrook Ln
Bloomington, IN 47401
314-313-4275 webbrk1@gmail.com

IU Liason: Subdeacon Jon Weber
(812) 334-2938 jjonweber@gmail.com

Rev. Father Peter Jon Gillquist, Priest
(812) 824-3600 frpeterjon@allsaintsbloomington.org