Sunday School

Our Sunday School Program currently consists of two classes: Little Lambs (ages 3-6) and the 7-12 year-old class. Our teen group (ages 12-18) is called SOYO.

Little Lambs, ages 3-6, meet immediately following communion in the nursery. Led by Nina Rogers and Catherine Kolcinski, the curriculum is largely art-based and allows children to engage with the Gospel or feast of the day through artistic expression and working with their hands.

The 7-12 year-olds meet in Fr Peter Jon’s office immediately following the dismissal of the Divine Liturgy. Led by Charles Coats, the class reflects on the Scripture readings of the day, the homily, the saints of the day and the current liturgical season.

The teen group, ages 12-18, is called SOYO (Society of Orthodox Youth Organizations). Led by Thomas Przybyla, the teens meet for two hours every Saturday night, studying the Holy Scriptures, praying, spending time together, and reaching out to those in need. The current SOYO president is Nina Gillquist.