October 20 – October 27

Seventeenth Sunday after Pentecost
Commemoration of Great-Martyr Artemios at Antioch
Venerable Gerasimos of Kephallenia; Venerable Matron of Chios

Nourishment of the Soul: “If a person earnestly seeks salvation with his whole heart, God will lead him to a true instructor. Do not worry, for each will find the one who is just right for him.” St. Leo of Optina

Orthodoxy 101 follows the St. James Liturgy on Wednesday, October 23rd. The subject is Church History for 33 to 1053 AD.

Today there is a collection for Special Olympics.

The Parish Council meets soon after Divine Liturgy.

Service Schedule
Wednesday: St. James Liturgy at 6 pm
Friday: Liturgy of St. Demetrios at 6 pm
Saturday: Great Vespers at 5 pm
Sunday, October 27: Matins at 8:50 followed by Divine Liturgy at 10 am

The festival wrap up will be next Sunday after Liturgy.
Myrrh Bearers meet next Sunday also.